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Water Color

I heard this one night while watching the sun set over a pond.


The golden glow is rippled

By shifting, flowing pixels

That take the sun and flip it upside down

To paint it in a liquid picture.




It all used to be like this –
Open sky, open land,
All untouched, all uncharted,
Every eye saw every star.
Now some never see and some are never seen.

Were we made to explore,
To be pioneers?
Were old lands meant to be new frontiers?
Or were we made to be grounded,
To be settlers?
To find our place and cultivate,
Instead of constantly trying to recreate
Newer, better worlds?

It’s shifting away from this –
Closed-in skylines, polluted light,
Blanketed cities, clouded minds.
Every star is overshadowed
As if progress was all that mattered.

The work of my hands 

Usually I post what I create with my mind, here’s something I’ve created with my hands. Doing some experimenting with handlettering some my favorite words and phrases.


Haiku capture a single, simple moment in nature. They are a transcription of the voice of the earth speaking its mind. Here’s one of mine.

The sun bows its head

Gold fingers weaving through grass

Drawing its hand back.

I also found another version I wrote a while back:

Sun casts long shadows

Selecting where it singes

Fingers combing grass

The Wind 

I was sitting on a quiet shore of lake Geneva in the morning, a cool breeze coming off the water. The combination of the cool air, the morning breeze, and the clouded sky gave me an impression. I detected a certain personality that the wind had taken on. This is how I saw her.

Wide-skirted, wide-eyed

Tight lipped.

Heavy brow, furrowed. 

Easy smile, mysterious. 

Voice rising up and down – 

Low and reverent,

Urgent and impassioned. 

She holds her chin high 

With authority from the past 

To tell of the future,

Always carrying something new in her hands.

Looking back over her hunched shoulder, 

Her dark eyes flickering like candlelight,

She pauses before pulling back the curtain 

To reveal to the world. 

Bracelets jingle with her movement 

As she unfolds the silk tapestry 

That tells a story 

Meant to shock and thrill. 
But sometimes she speaks gently and carefully 

And quietly studies the palm of a hand,

Drawn inward within herself

In a silent conversation.

Her lips on the brink of a smile,

Her eyes both full and vacant  –

She knows things of other worlds. 

But she glides by 

Skirts swishing and trailing 

Not saying a word,

Carrying with her 

The certainty 

That something is following close behind. 

A few thoughts about what I do 

I do not consider myself a poet because I arrange words in lines and rhythms and sounds. I am a poet because I look at things and I see that they mean something. I am a poet because I hear things and I write down what they say. 
It’s not the ability to craft language that makes a poet, but the ability to detect it in the world around them. It’s the difference between the potter and the archaeologist who unearths the urn years later. I don’t create poems, I discover them. 

It’s the art of seeking, finding, and understanding that I practice. 

Some Sights I’ve Seen

This past summer I spent nearly a month in Europe touring with my college music ensembles. Nearly a year later, I’d say it’s time to share a few of my pictures and experiences!

Lubeck.jpgThis picture was taken in Lübeck, Germany. I enjoyed this colorful, unique touch.


Rhine town8.jpgThis was actually one of my favorite stops. It was a tiny town on the Rhine river, and a friend and I hiked up the side of a hill covered in vineyards. Directly across from the hill was a church ruin (also shown below).


Rhine church ruin2.jpgI loved the angle of the sun and the building in this shot. Inside the walls of the church and the hollowed windows was a carpet of grass. It was such an interesting mix of regal, proud architecture and fresh, young plant life.

Rhine town7.jpgThe streets of this town were so narrow. The whole town felt quiet and a little deserted. It almost felt like I was walking through a picture, instead of the real, living thing.


Brugge, Belgium3.jpgA canal in the medieval city of Bruges, Belgium. I love the history of Europe. As I wandered through the streets of each city I marveled at all of the secrets stored up from all it had been through in its old age.


prague castle view.jpgI think that my favorite city I visited this time around was Prague. It has such a unique personality. This was a view from the Prague castle, although my favorite view was one from a small hill that overlooked a few streets of a picturesque section of town on either side, and had a great view of the city from the front. I wandered up there at night several times and the lights were amazing.

Frankfurt, Germany12.jpgThis is a church in Frankfurt, Germany. I just enjoyed its placement at the end of this narrow street, and the way the lights looked after it rained. There’s nothing like walking in a European city at night.


Aside from all of the beautiful culture and architecture I was surrounded by, we got to sing in some beautiful cathedrals, which is pretty magical. But my FOR SURE ultimate favorite part was the people I met. I got to stay with several families and meet some kindred spirits. It’s a strange and beautiful thing to travel across the world and find a soul that shares a connection with yours. I found some brothers and sisters I didn’t know I had before and got to learn about their corner of the world. Seeing new and different things can add a lot to your life, but forming relationships with those who live there can forever change it. Hülben football game.jpgWe got to play football against our new German friends 🙂

Banska Bystrica Rafaj family.jpgA family of beautiful and kind people who welcomed me into their home and are still in my heart.


Lubeck schnitzel.jpgHere’s a picture of my schnitzel because schnitzel is my favorite and there was no way I was going to leave Germany without having some🍴😋  

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