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breaking news, i wrote another villanelle…

threw this together in just a few minutes, though I think it turned out better and is at the very least a little more personal and profound.


Stuck in the rutted refrain of repeat

Locked  up in an endless unbounded cage

Caught up in the only way I know how to speak.


Sustained by the involuntary rhythm I beat

Confined by twenty-six letters built up on a page

Stuck in the rutted refrain of repeat.


There is nothing new so I echo defeat

Boring, cliche, monotonous, no change.

Caught up in the only way I know how to speak.


Redundant, excessive, exceeding complete.

Getting so old at such a young age.

Stuck in the rutted refrain of repeat.


Tryinf to stand out, just performing some high demand feat

Going through motions, paying the wage

Caught up in the way they want me to speak.


City lights, stage lights, white radiating heat

Expectations and labels, an eminent cage

Stuck in the rutted refrain of repeat,

The monotone lines, the only ones I can speak.


we share the world

written sometime last year I believe…


We share the slavery and hunger for freedom,

We share the starvation for justice.

We share the same deprivation and fight for peace

And the suffering it will cost us.

The sorrows of many, the oppression by few;

We share one rebellion, one revolution.

The burden of war rests on me and you;

One ultimatum, one final solution.

We share the sacrifice victory must bring,

We are part of something bigger than what we mourn.

One voice, one soul in the song that we sing.

Out of the bloodshed and ashes our hope is born.

We share the bloodstained earth that steadies our feet,

Fighting in the memories of those that are gone.

We are ready now for what we will meet.

When the wind dies and the battlefield’s quiet,

Our bodies fading into the grass at our feet,

Our legacy lives on.

We share the world.




my first villanelle!

It’s pretty rough, villanelles are harder than they sound…but here’s my first effort! second actually, I’m a little embarrassed to post my first try… This is about a relationship from the guy’s point of view. I decided to keep it simple for my first one, hopefully my later villanelles (yes, I am planning on writing more – this experience wasn’t bad enough to make me give up all together!) will be a little deeper and complex. But here is the fruit of my humble labor: “I Smile but It Still Hurts”


I’m dying to tell her I’ll never be cured.

I fell for her hard, and from such a height .

I smile, but it still hurts.


I wish I could say I’m still crazy about her.

I pretend I don’t care because I’m the one who said goodbye,

But I’m dying to tell her I’ll never be cured.


She’s still the one that I prefer,

But that’s something I have to hide.

So I smile, but it still hurts.


Something inside me is still always stirred

When I remember what it’s like to call her mine.

I’m dying to tell her I’ll never be cured.


I know I’m lucky that it ever occurred,

But I still miss laughing until we cry.

I smile, but it still hurts.


I wish I could just say these simple words,

“I still love you, we can come out alright.”

I’m dying to tell her I’ll never be cured,

But I can’t, so I smile but it still hurts.


I wrote this in December in the library at school, and I can’t remember now what was on my mind when I wrote it, but later that day I found out about the Sandy Hook school shooting, and was amazed at how fitting this poem was to the situation and how I felt about it, especially since I had no idea what was going on when I wrote it. It really captures how I feel about a lot of things in my life and the lives of others that I can’t control or change. The only solution I have for many problems I don’t know what to do with.


If there was one thing I could do,

One difference I could make,

I’d take all the pain away from you,

Heal your heart and let mine break.

If I could love you enough

To fix everything that’s wrong,

I’d be weak for you

If it would make you strong.

but I haven’t weathered storms

Or forgiven a broken life.

If you want to be made whole,

Go to the one who heals the blind.

I haven’t parted waters,

Or made the dead come alive.

If you’re dying to find an answer,

Go to the one who created life.

I’m hopeless to find a way

To give hope to the hurting;

Helpless to give away

Forgiveness to the undeserving.

But for everyone who believes

There’s a man who died in our place

To give what I want most for you:

A new beginning born from grace.

But I haven’t told the lame to walk

and watched them get up and dance away

If you want to hear the silent talk,

All you have to do is pray.

If you want to move the mountains,

Just have a little faith.

You’ll walk upon the waters,

Just trust the Life, the Truth, the Way.

I can’t weather storms,

I can’t fix your broken life,

But if you want to be made whole,

Go to the one who rescued mine.

“Molly Songs” Writing Log – 4/5/13 11:10 PM

So I’ve been in New York for a week and a little preoccupied, and I just remembered about this. I lost my vision a little, but I’m excited to dive back into it.

I wrote a second poem and it really captures how I felt about starting to write this again. I think this project will turn out really differently than I had first thought and my picture of the end product will really shift a lot, which means the journey will be so much more interesting. In the end, I think this will be a really scary thing to show to other people, because it will be very personal, very real, and very open. In the end, it will mean a LOT to me and be a really interesting look into my life.

the sky’s the limit! let’s see how high this thing can go.


over and out.


I’m back from New York, and had a great trip. Amazing experiences with amazing people. Pictures and details later! Right now? Sleep!

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